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Section I: General Information
Section II: English and Testing Requirements
Section III: Educational Background

Section IV: Employment Information
Section V: Program
Section VI: References
Section VII: Scholarship
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  • Residents details

    Employment Information

    How would you finance the non-scholarship element of your program fees? *

    Please detail below how you intend to fund the balance of the program fees *

    Do you have children/adults who rely on your income for support? *


    Please provide reference as to character, conduct and eligibility for this scholarship. Cannot be a family member. Please attach letter to this application.


    Scholarship Application History

    Have you ever been admitted at Agora University before? *

    Have you ever applied for a scholarship with Agora University before? *
    If yes, which scholarship, year it was offered, and if you completed the program.


    I hereby declare that the information contained in this form of application are correct and I confirm that i will notify Agora Univeristy of any changes.

    I also understand that the scholarship award decision is at the sole discretion of Agora Univeristy and that there is no right of appeal.

    I confirm that I would be happy to be contacted by Agora Univeristy for an interview if required.

    By signing your name electronically on this form, You are agreeing that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this form. *