Admissions are currently closed for the 2023 Entrance. Application will be open again in Spring 2024 for the September 2024 start date.

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Why HTC?

Academic Excellence

Our world-class faculty come from renowned international institutions including University of Oxford, St. Andrews, Aberdeen, UCLA, Claremont, and University of Toronto, to name a few.

Impactful Theology

We pioneer engaging with contemporary challenges through Eastern Christian wisdom and creating a dialogue between theology and our communities: where theology is not a theory but a lifestyle.

Distance Education

All of our programs are designed for distance learning and are especially built for working professional. Our Full-time and Part-time models are carefully tailored with you and your family in mind.


Fr. Jacob Joseph, Ph.D.
Joseph Youssef, Ph.D.
Michael Wingert, Ph.D.
Mary Ghattas, Ph.D. (ABD)
Ani Shahinian, D.Phil.

Possesses degrees from the Greatest Educational Institutions in the world including, University of Oxford, UCLA, University of Aberdeen, University of St. Andrews, University of Toronto, and Claremont University to name a few. See what experience they are creating for our students.


The keyword in our organization is “Community”

Agora University strives to maintain a close relationship between students and staff. Many members of our faculty are involved in discipling students during the academic years. Faculty members encourage students as they grow in their personal devotions, discuss things they are learning in class, and challenge them in areas where the students may be struggling. Students have ready access to any staff or faculty member and are encouraged to seek help both academically and personally.

We don’t just challenge modern concepts—we redefine them. The world-class education done at Agora University is hallmarked by rigorous investigation, in-depth discovery, and theologically-driven problem solving. Explore the ways we highlight our Orthodox tradition in a rapidly evolving world.


See why Orthodox education at this pioneering university is so valuable for life after graduation.

Fady Ghattas Graduate

Studying at HTC helped me to perceive the church as a living body of Christ and taught me how to embrace that, and to look at every member of the church as a true member and the one I have to love.

Sara Samir Student

HTC is a great place to be cleansed, and to even deconstruct these ideas and build a new truthful mind.

Mira Atallah Student

I needed guidance in my path, and someone to trust to help. Someone who would respect the questions that I'm asking and give me something that is genuine...and this is what I found in Agora.

Vero Aziz Graduate

My experience so far at Agora has truly enriched my knowledge and spiritual life. It has allowed me and taught me to how to bring theology into everyday life. It has equipped me with the skills to be able to research and write on various contemporary topics through the lens of the Orthodox Church. Agora has enabled me to be courageous and engage with difficult contemporary issues through discussions with others. It has made me confident in being challenged in my understanding of the world and God. Through the various discussions had at the school, it has taught me the importance of allowing others free space when discussing and debating various topics.

John Saad Current Student

I have been a student of Agora University for over a year now, and it has challenged and inspired me to grow in my knowledge and love of theology and of the humanities as a whole. My thinking on subjects I’ve studied has matured as I’ve been exposed to rich academic material and profound insight from the teaching staff. HTC provides a free and open place to exchange thoughts and ideas and for students to come to their own conclusion about topics discussed, all the while given guidance and direction from supervisors. It is an outstanding organization that has my highest endorsement and I am delighted to be named among their first students.

Sherry Fahmi Current Student

Being a student at Agora University has really had an impact on my life both on an academic and intellectual level but also on a spiritual level. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and take the time to help students like myself process the information and break down hard concepts to better grasp them. Every question I ask is always explained and professors don’t just give us the answers but really help us to come to the answers ourselves. The readings and assignments have been really helpful in expanding my own understanding of God and theology. It has enhanced my spiritual life and given me an opportunity to deepen my relationship with God. I am extremely thankful to the staff and professors at AU for their dedication to helping students link theology with the humanities which is such a practical and needed skill in this day and age.